iamsherlockedandalwayswillbe sent:
I messaged you a while back about medical school, I just wanted to let you know that I got in!

Ah!! I am so happy for you! I knew you could do it!

dangerousdare sent:
Hello, Pasha! I'd like to thank you for the past things that you have done for me. You helped me when I was in a time of pain. I have come to find out that the pain is accompanied by a disease that I have. It will return and it is completely unpredictable. But I thank you so much for staying with me and distracting me. You are my love. <3

Ah! I am so happy you have found a reason behind your pain! A diagnosis does not make the pain go away, but I imagine it does make you feel a little more in control, da?

I am so happy you are feeling better. <3

spocksmomhasgotitgoinon sent:
Hello, Pavel. How are you doing today?

Eep! I am just fine, Miss Amanda.

How are you?

iamsherlockedandalwayswillbe sent:
I just got my second university rejection for medicine and I'm really down about it. I'm so desperate to be a doctor, and basically I've only got one uni choice left. I'm scared about letting everyone down if I fail because both my school and my family are putting so much pressure on me. Any words of wisdom to keep me going until I know for sure? I can do medicine post grad, but my school act like doing that is failing. And I'm really struggling to cope with how down I feel about it all

I would say to ignore what the school says about it being basically failing, because your employer will not care. As long as you are qualified, you will be just fine.

And I believe you will do fine, that the third school will take you. You have nothing to worry about, because your passion will drive you even if you do not get what you want the first time around. 

aye-keptain sent:
Hey man. I have a question/story to tell. The other month my grandma asked me what college I wanted to to to, and when I told her, she turned to my aunt and said, and I quote, "Her poor parents." I don't know what to do. It hurt so much, and I can't get over it. I mean, I wanted (no longer want to because of her) to be an actress but she shot me down. Sorry for the rant I just needed to talk.

If you want to do something, I would suggest you most definitely do it! Do not let other people shoot you down, because we only have so long to do the things we want to, da? I know you will regret not doing something you really want to do, so I would say go for it!

deforestkisses sent:
Hi oh my goodness you're so adorable I can't even *hides behind hands* You're fantastic okay bye <3

My goodness! Thank you!

iamsherlockedandalwayswillbe sent:
My cat that I've had for 12 years had to be put down yesterday and I feel so lost and alone. How do I cope with the grief?

I am sorry about your cat, very sorry. It is always difficult to lose a pet, but try to look on the better side of things. They are no longer in any pain, and they had a good, long, loving life with you. It takes time, but you will soon be able to look back and just smile when you think of your cat. 

Anonymous sent:
I've been feeling really depressed lately. I'm going to be moving soon, and I don't want to leave my friends and family. I'm also worried I'm not going to be able to make new friends where I'm going. I was hoping you would be able to cheer me up.

Oh, well, while it’s sad to leave old friends, you can always call, skype, even visit! And try to look at this as an opportunity to make new friends, and start fresh! A clean slate is always a good thing.

aye-keptain sent:
Bro can I ask you something?

Of course!

Did it get hotter in here, or is it just you?